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Prince George-Mackenzie

Mike Morris BC Liberal

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Candidate Votes Popular
Mike Morris BC Liberal
9330 55.26%
Bobby (Sarbjit) Deepak BC NDP
5865 34.74%
Karen McDowell BC Green
933 5.53%
Terry Rysz BC Conservative
755 4.47%

At a glance

In the 2009 election, BC Liberal Pat Bell took Prince George-Mackenzie with 56 per cent of the vote. Second-place BC NDP candidate Tobias Lawrence won 36.8 per cent.

The district was created in 2008 from the old district of Prince George North, which went to the BC Liberals in the previous two elections. Before 2001, it was held by the NDP for two straight elections. The most dramatic win since 1991 was in 2001 when Bell won his first seat, blowing out the NDP by 47 per cent of the vote. Bell announced his resignation from politics in Feb. 2013 due to health concerns.

The BC Liberals acclaimed retired RCMP superintendent Mike Morris as their candidate for Prince George-Mackenzie this election. Morris is the president of the BC Trappers Association.

Labour lawyer Bobby Deepak represents the BC NDP in the district.

Terry Rysz, a long-time northern B.C. businessman and Sicamous district councillor, is the BC Conservative. Karen McDowell is the BC Green candidate.

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Did you know?

Working for the (wo)man? While Prince George-Mackenzie had a good rate of employment in 2006, it has the lowest number of self-employed people of any district. It had relatively affluent homeowners at the time, with few people spending 30 per cent or more of their income on housing.

Previous Election Results

B.C. General Election 2009
(Voter turnout: 54%)
Candidate Votes %
Pat Bell BC Liberal 9816 56%
Tobias Lawrence BC NDP 6452 36.8%
Kevin Creamore BC Green 1245 7.1%

Telling Stats about Prince George-Mackenzie

Census Data
Statistic Riding percentage B.C. average
Percent seniors, 2011 11% 15.8%
Percent families with kids 24 and under, 2011 51% 47.7%
Percent residents with non-English mother tongue, 2011 11% 26.4%
Top three non-English languages spoken at home, 2006 Punjabi: 1.8%, Chinese (all): 0.6%, French: 0.5% n/a
Average household income (before tax), 2006 $75,560 $67,675
Owners vs. renters, 2006 76/24 70/30

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