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Michelle Stilwell BC Liberal

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Candidate Votes Popular
Michelle Stilwell BC Liberal
13405 50.10%
Barry Avis BC NDP
9899 37.00%
David Coupland BC Conservative
3451 12.90%

At a glance

BC Liberal Ron Cantelon took the island district of Parksville-Qualicum in 2009 with 51 per cent of the vote.

This election, candidates competing for the Parksville-Qualicum seat are paralympian Michelle Stilwell for the BC Liberals.

Three-term Qualicum Beach councillor Barry Avis represents the BC NDP.

Radiologist David Coupland represents the BC Conservatives.

The district was first created in 1989 and then turned into Nanaimo-Parksville in 2000. Parksville-Qualicum was re-created in 2008 from Nanaimo-Parksville and Alberni-Qualicum.

Did you know?

A wise district? In 2011 Parksville-Qualicum had the most senior residents of all other districts in the province, with 33 per cent of residents age 65+. It also had the third fewest census families with children 24 and under of all districts (32 per cent to the provincial average of 40 per cent).

That follows trends in 2006, when more seniors lived in Parksville-Qualicum than any other coastal or island district. They represented 29 per cent of residents in the district.

Previous Election Results

B.C. General Election 2009
(Voter turnout: 65.7%)
Candidate Votes %
Ron Cantelon BC Liberal 13716 51.4%
Leanne Salter BC NDP 10136 38%
Wayne Osborne BC Green 2573 9.6%
Bruce Ryder BC Refederation 251 0.9%

Telling Stats about Parksville-Qualicum

Census Data
Statistic Riding percentage B.C. average
Percent seniors, 2011 33% 15.8%
Percent families with kids 24 and under, 2011 32% 47.7%
Percent residents with non-English mother tongue, 2011 11% 26.4%
Top three non-English languages spoken at home, 2006 Punjabi: 0.4%, Chinese (all): 0.4%, German: 0.4% n/a
Average household income (before tax), 2006 $62,440 $67,675
Owners vs. renters, 2006 85/15 70/30

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