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North Coast

Jennifer Rice BC NDP

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Candidate Votes Popular
Jennifer Rice BC NDP
4341 56.61%
Judy Fraser BC Liberal
2540 33.12%
Hondo Arendt BC Green
787 10.26%

At a glance

The BC NDP has won the North Coast seat with a consistent margin of about 20 per cent with the exception of 2001, when the BC Liberals won by eight per cent while spending almost twice what the NDP did. Extra funds have not always benefited the BC Liberals, however; in 2005, the party spent $135,000 to the NDP's $55,000, but lost by 15 per cent.

This May two-term NDP MLA Gary Coons will retire, and the party set its hopes on Prince Rupert councillor Jennifer Rice to defend the district.

The BC Liberal candidate is Judy Fraser, a small business owner who sits on the Board of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority.

The BC Green candidate is Hondo Arendt.

There was a small change to the district's boundaries in 2008 as part of a provincial redistribution; the district added a small portion of the old riding Cariboo South.

Did you know?

In 2006, the North Coast had the highest number of aboriginal residents of any electoral district in B.C., as well as the highest number of status Indians (which does not include Inuit and M├ętis).

It also had the highest number of young people with a high school level or less education, and the highest number of any community outside of Vancouver of people that walk or bike to work, rather than commuting in a vehicle.

Previous Election Results

B.C. General Election 2009
(Voter turnout: 57.1%)
Candidate Votes %
Gary Coons BC NDP 5097 57.3%
Herb Pond BC Liberal 3110 35%
Lisa Girbav BC Green 683 7.7%

2005 Winner: Gary Coons BC NDP

2001 Winner: Bill Belsey BC Liberal

Telling Stats about North Coast

Census Data
Statistic Riding percentage B.C. average
Percent seniors, 2011 12% 15.8%
Percent families with kids 24 and under, 2011 48% 47.7%
Percent residents with non-English mother tongue, 2011 11% 26.4%
Top three non-English languages spoken at home, 2006 Punjabi: 1.5%, Chinese (all): 0.9%, Vietnamese: 0.6% n/a
Average household income (before tax), 2006 $52,538 $67,675
Owners vs. renters, 2006 66/33 70/30

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