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Steve Thomson BC Liberal

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Candidate Votes Popular
Steve Thomson BC Liberal
12127 56.97%
Tish Lakes BC NDP
5409 25.41%
Mike McLoughlin BC Conservative
2727 12.81%
Dayleen Van Ryswyk Independent
1025 4.81%

At a glance

Kelowna-Mission has gone to the BC Liberals since the boundaries were last modified in 1999. In each of the three elections, the party has won by a large margin -- the largest in 2001, when Sindi Hawkins took more than five times the votes of her NDP rival.

This May, current minister of forests, lands and natural resource operations and incumbent Steve Thomson will run again. He'll take on BC Conservative candidate Mike McLoughlin, founder and director of a family practice and walk-in clinic.

The BC NDP chose Tish Lakes, who leads a Kelowna non-profit providing legal advocacy services, as its candidate for the district.

The BC NDP candidate was originally Dayleen Van Ryswyk, but she resigned on April 16, the first day of the election campaign, after comments she made in an online forum about First Nations people came to light. She is now running as an independent candidate.

Did you know?

Housing bites: In 2006, Kelowna-Mission had among the highest rates of families spending more than 30 per cent of income on shelter.

Previous Election Results

B.C. General Election 2009
(Voter turnout: 50.7%)
Candidate Votes %
Steve Thomson BC Liberal 11506 53.9%
Tisha Kalmanovitch BC NDP 5566 26.1%
Mark Thompson BC Conservative 2531 11.9%
Crystal Wariach BC Green 1563 7.3%

2005 Winner: Sindi Hawkins BC Liberal

2001 Winner: Sindi Hawkins BC Liberal

Telling Stats about Kelowna-Mission

Census Data
Statistic Riding percentage B.C. average
Percent seniors, 2011 19% 15.8%
Percent families with kids 24 and under, 2011 47% 47.7%
Percent residents with non-English mother tongue, 2011 14% 26.4%
Top three non-English languages spoken at home, 2006 German: 0.9%, Chinese (all): 0.9%, Punjabi: 0.4% n/a
Average household income (before tax), 2006 $68,883 $67,675
Owners vs. renters, 2006 77/23 70/30

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