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Burnaby-Deer Lake

Kathy Corrigan BC NDP

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Candidate Votes Popular
Kathy Corrigan BC NDP
7320 48.32%
Shian Gu BC Liberal
6593 43.52%
Rick McGowan BC Green
1237 8.17%

At a glance

The district of Burnaby-Deer Lake covers central-west Burnaby. In 2009, BC NDP candidate Kathy Corrigan narrowly won the seat with 48.5 per cent of the vote. Second place candidate John Nuraney of the BC Liberals won 45.7 per cent. Prior to her 2009 win, Corrigan, a lawyer, served three terms on the Burnaby Board of Education.

Corrigan is running for a second term in Burnaby-Deer Lake. Other candidates include Dr. Shian Gu, a family doctor and acting director of the Burnaby Medical Centre for the BC Liberals.

Rick McGowan, an adult education teacher, represents the BC Greens.

This is a new district created in 2008, as part of a provincial boundary redistribution. It includes parts of old districts Burnaby-Willingdon and Burnaby-Edmonds.

Did you know?

Magnet for newcomers: In 2006, this district had the highest number of new immigrants in B.C. Twenty-six per cent of the total immigrant population came to live in Burnaby-Deer Lake after 2000, compared to the provincial average of 16 per cent.

The district also had an above average immigrant population of 58 per cent compared to the provincial average of 27.5 per cent, but it is only fairly high compared to districts like Richmond Centre and Vancouver-Kingsway.

Previous Election Results

B.C. General Election 2009
(Voter turnout: 48.7%)
Candidate Votes %
Kathy Corrigan BC NDP 8103 48.7%
John Nuraney BC Liberal 7591 45.7%
G. Bruce Friesen BC Green 928 5.6%

Telling Stats about Burnaby-Deer Lake

Census Data
Statistic Riding percentage B.C. average
Percent seniors, 2011 15% 15.8%
Percent families with kids 24 and under, 2011 51% 47.7%
Percent residents with non-English mother tongue, 2011 61% 26.4%
Top three non-English languages spoken at home, 2006 Chinese (all): 29%, Korean: 3.5%, Tagalog: 1.4% n/a
Average household income (before tax), 2006 $57,192 $67,675
Owners vs. renters, 2006 53/47 70/30

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